I always know exactly what to do...
According to who you say? According to you?
Your views are skewed and stretched like accordians.
Divorce is through the roof, 
Fat people try to tell me how to chew.
On the streets begging for food after 8 years in school.
Dont judge me because you sin differently...
the difference is simple, I simply find gifts in you.
You commited suicide...
didnt you just tell me how to live my life?
you were soooooo alive I believed you.
Behind a mask everything is beautiful.

My music sucks
I have no style
My girlfriend is ugly

Thats beause you listen to pop songs, with jeans and a t-shirts on, and never even talked to her...

I always know exactly what to do...
Be alive, listen to the truth, and write poems that end in FUCK YOU!!!!