Emotions are rewarding
A twisted ocean corroding my mental state
Its amazing, and it makes me crazy
Devotion for everything, 
I masturbate like a champ
Eye master, no glasses, i cooked the meal you see on my plate
Everyone take more drugs, ill take your shouldered head
im the biggest mistake youve ever made
you wanna make my bed, theres too many stains
Its dangerous to go alone 
it hurts knowing that same breath is so cold it chills your bones
your heavenly voice has such beautiful tones
the weight of the world weighs tons
I can wait for the day our sons see me rest under the sun
ill suck the worlds dick till it cums (no homo)
Life is a magical trip
it makes me sick seeing you pretending to live through this gift
my problems you wont understand
At the same time wanna hear a hundred reasons why im lifes biggest fan?

1. I know how special this world is to be alive in
2. I love to see you all smile
3. Everyone is beautiful
4. We do what we want in Berta
5. I have the most badass friends
6. I paint pictures for a living
7. My cat wants nothing else than for me to love her... also food
8. People are inspired by me
9. I can go anywhere i want at any time
10. were all fighting the same battle
11. Life is as rewarding as it is stressfull
12. Nothing is certain
13. Rules are meant to be broken
14. You never stop learning
15. A walk in the park can get you killed
16. People will love and hate you for the same thing
17. When we die we dont become nothing, we become everything
18. Everyone has something to teach you
19. Too much of a good thing is amazing
20. if you love something, lots of others will too
21. You can work your whole life just to have it taken away
22. You can do nothing your whole life and be given everything
23. when your nails grow too long, you just chew them off
24. Every problem you have can easilly be solved
25. The ones that look up to you do that because your awesome
26. got an issue? grab a tissue... walk it off
27. Just when you think there is no I in team, someone finds it
28. Everyone can make beautiful music 
29. I can eat poisonous plants and not die
30. Space mattress foam is the bomb
31. I have an amazing family
32. If my body hurts, others want to fix me
33. Fuck what you think, i do what i want
34. fireworks
35. Internet
36. Porn
37. The weirder i get the more people love me
38. Canada is the best country on this planet, and I live here
39. Chinese food
40. When it rains it pours
41. Dont tell me how to fuck
42. Noone has ever really let me down
43. The people I would die for would kill for me
44. Everyone is perfectly unique
45. Everything has a purpose
46. I can run, swim, and fly
47. I dont bleed once a month for a week straight (thx penis)
48. Women love me, men wanna be me
49. Im happy with my secrets
50. If im sad, other people are too
51. My friends let me misbehave
52. I can make a horse laugh and then cry
53. Im not blind, deaf, handicapped... yet....
54. I am an amazing artist
55. Everything has a purpose
56. Music is fucking awesome
57. Treasure is everywhere
58. The universe gives you everything you ask for (except blow at 5am on a tuesday)
59. Double rainbows actually are eye watering
60. When someone shares your imagination with you
61. people kill themselves for the same reasons others end up having an amazing life... never give up and you'll be rewarded
62. you can change your life instantly (Tony Robbins)
bE. Dont like numbers? use letters...
64. I can write poems, lists, music, fuck you its rewarding
65. Women are sooo beautiful
66. LuLu Lemons... enough said
67. Mirrors, magnets, lasers
68. Music festivals!!!!
69. Dreams/nightmares.... dope as fuck
70. We get to cook until food tastes like rainbows
71. Think of something? you can create it
72. Time heals all wounds
73. Nobody knows nobody
74. Nothing is impossible
75. I can fit perfectly
76. The people that matter like it when I scream
77. Knowing im part of something so much larger
78. I feel good all the time
79. I can destroy what I create
80. Beauty is everywhere
81. inspiring people were inspired by people like you
82. life is a giant puzzle. its fun to be the last piece but remember all the other pieces that got you there
83. if you run out of ideas... you suck
84. When you do something entirely for yourself and are rewarded, it turns into inspiration. Treat yourself to treat others
85. The comedown is as fun as the high
86. Creating life is exciting and i cant wait
87. I have fingers and a thumb, fuck everything that cant hold stuff
88. how cool is just fucking being alive?
89. Hugs from crushes
90. fire
91. Rick and Morty
92. Shark week
93. Jumping off a bridge and living
94. mind expanding poetry
95. cuddly cats
96. sparkly things
97. Being happy and confident
98. Music exsists that heals you
99. People inspire me
100. My best buddy Andrew Dutkowski