Garretts log book "May 4th 2014"

What do you dream about? He didnt even know what jungle Book was. I Think ill prolly get a raise this week. Chuck would beat me at drywall. I texted her. An absolute wild card. Hot as fuck. Left Matt in the dust. They chopped down a thirty foot tree and it fell on my tent. You know what I mean? Ive been waiting so long. Shes hot. I deleated it. You seem interesting. Ill tell you this story. She totoally looks native. Life is happening. Born ugly. And I was on mushrooms. Have you ever seen the starship enterprise? I gave him my car. This is my biggest thing. Everything was digital. Wanna hear my idea? They were around 50. Thats soooo cool. I got busted on the seveth. Convinced me this motherfucker was gay. Imagine what you would have thought about me if we just met tonight. Ill figure this out. Used my towels. Im actually pretty proud of all my but actually. Shes like 66. Im like 98. 66 my ass. 87. Lets put a name on a piece of paper. South African Terry. Back and forth. Its the bar. Getting back on the 21st. They go to the washroom. Omelette made from the farmers market. Switch the conversation. Spiritual weird shit. Open but smart. What is it? Your ideas. Were all fucking sweet! Talking to a couple dudes. I forget her name. With PK sound. You realize that right?