Garretts log book "May 3rd 2014"

You re literally the dumbest fuck ive ever met. Something that starts with a T or something. Hand socks. Edward Snortin. I have a couple puppets at home. I had so much snot on that one sock. You know what i like about carrots, they dont talk....Moses Brocolli. I dont know what the fuck is going on right now. If we have the opportunity to hunt we hunt! This should not have happened. Its fries and cheese man it makes total sense. A beautifulmess. Of course mcdonalds would do that. Battery. I dont give a fuck or shit. Its like selling a shrimpskin boot. you know how many conversations are wasted on shrimpskin boots? One and its happening right now.... Dont let them in. Black People. Lets sell water. I like how you do that. I got some mexican smokes to go with that. It'll make my ears ring. Fuck the slow pour. Drivers licence and Terry Fox. Jesus is alright. Hes all water. 100$ for the hour.