Garrett's log book Nov 5th 2014

What a nice guy! What are these? Accesories... Check the elevation. God its a nice day! IDIOT! A nice insulated door. Tablesaw right in the house. I did not. Did that screw you up too? no I didnt write anything. Thats no good, they are better after they are washed. No, stiff and hard. Toes sticking out. What a fucking jerk! Wiebe transport. For sale. Finish it. I have to go to the bathroom. Do you really? Thats about 10-12 miles. Just cause me a bunch of problems. Brand new Toyota Supra. Puked right in my car. Shit this long, floating in the bathtub. On and on. Thank you. Do me a favour and clean this out for me. See you dont remember. So its my fault? Absolutely... BMZ-1078. Everybody loves. Oh Jesus. So where are we now? Not even 30, right? Thats perfect. Highway 14 or 21. At the speed limit. I hope it melts and sticks there. Ill show ya. Sailing boats. Just love it! Tweezers always back to me ok? Turn off here. Highway 16. RR41. Youll see signs. Same thing. Its pretty now right? Hold the steering wheel please. Oh. 4 miles to TWP 540. "west" See here. .5 mile. We could turn this place into a beaver farm. Come down here. just love it. Thats why I like Subaru. See. Snowmobile and sleigh.