"Describing myself right now"

It was a danger!
So I went alone, no telephone.
Pleased by the beats and the streets so my scheming becomes LOUDER.
You say you feel crowded, I see a moment for enjoyment!
I'm crazy and I wouldn't have it any other way.
My friends are the ones that let me misbehave!
Its hard to contain what loves being insane.
Beyond the abstraction,
I can see the future with my mind, time is fake but its almost mine.
Sometimes I fear death...
Every day I am blessed, knowing I'm one of the universe's best.
The world likes to talk to me...
Put a sock in it I'm busy breaking trees!
I think I'm normal, everyone else has a disease.
Why don't you like it when I SCREAM!!? 
How can i blame you for something you cant do in your dreams...
Too much of a good thing is amazing!
The things i've been craving make me CRAZY!!! I can almost taste them.
I cant relate, but I can almost masturbate to it.
Writing this really makes me smile,
Why deny yourself the pleasure of making this world your heaven forever.
Everywhere i go i find treasure,
Stop and smell the roses you'll discover something better.
lighting your smoke would be my pleasure.
Life is szimple, just add a Z wherever you please,
Do what you want till they tell you to stop,
Then do it secretly.